Squirt 'n Bubbles

Pocket flask-style squeeze bottle with patented dual reversible "Squirtubes" is convenient, economical and easy to use.

Squirtubes have a very small bore for economical application.

Reversible dispenser lets you select short or long tubes for both close-up and hard-to-reach areas.

Plug hole lets you seal squirtube for pocket or storage.

Squirt 'n Bubbles

Don't Be Mislead By Other Leak Detectors

With Squirt 'n Bubbles leak detector, there's never a doubt if there's a leak.  Our patented dual squirtube bottle design eliminates misleading bubbles . . . and that saves you time and money.  With Squirt 'n Bubbles, if there are bubbles, there's a leak, plain and simple.

Dual Squirtubes For Easy Use At Any Distance

Squirt 'n Bubbles comes equipped with a dispenser cap that has reversible short and long tubes for close-up applications or hard to reach areas.  To change the tube length, simply twist, remove and invert the dispenser plug.  No more problems, delays or waste.  To use the last portion of bottle, discard inner squirtube and squeeze bottle.

Squirt 'n Bubbles Is As Safe As It Is Versatile

Squirt 'n Bubbles is non-toxic, non-flammable and free of corrosive halogens.  And it won't collect dirt or produce scale or residue.  Squirt 'n Bubbles adheres to vertical and overhead surfaces and dries clean and clear in minutes.  Squirt 'n Bubbles detects leaks on any pressurized pipe or tube lining, fitting, valve, stem packing or any pressurized system where an internal gaseous pressure can possibly esacpe to the atmosphere.

To apply, just squeeze bottle and direct a cost-efficient stream to suspected trouble spots.

One-hand operation combined with long squirtube lets you apply Squirt 'n Bubbles to hard-to-reach places.